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Bleesk - White Label App Development Platform

We develop ready to use custom branded iOS & Android apps for events, exhibitions and conferences and submit it to Appstore and Google Play for you.

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Event App that fosters engagement

Connect your attendees to the right people, content and sessions with beacon, geofence, Wi-Fi or QR code contextual campaigns to strengthen relationship and provide information they seek. No coding skills required.


Drive Networking & Engagement

Offer interactive experience, scavenger hunt games and rewards. Always up to date agenda. Find out what your attendees are interested in and help them find exhibitors they are looking for.


Increase Event ROI

Give exhibitors and sponsors more visibility and access to your beacon infrastructure to engage with attendees by sending them notifications.


Capture Data & Identify Insights

Gather analytics such as number of visitors, dwell time or profile of the visitors to better understand their interests.

Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list on the market. Their platform takes on complex features while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu

CEO - Opis Inc.
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Features for Attendees

There are different type of event participants, each has different needs and expectations for an amazing event experience.

Event Schedule

Always Up-To-Date Schedule

Schedules do change often but printing materials don't. With our Event App your attendees have always up-to-date agenda at their fingertips.

Event Contact Exchange

Easy Business Contact Exchange

Deliver business contact data to attendees' app as soon as they approach your exhibitor stand. Connect with them with call to action links to Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

Event Filter

Attendees Preferences Filter

Nobody likes being swamped with unwanted information. Event App categories enable attendees to decide which information or materials they allow to be collected by the app.

Event Offers

Marketing Materials Storage

Collecting printed marketing materials is not only cumbersome but also generates high costs for exhibitors. With Event App attendees can collect marketing materials through on their mobile phone.

Event Map

Floor Plans with Indoor Location

Having hard time finding your way at a large trade show? Event App supports both indoor and outdoor maps and allows for easy attendee location.

QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner

QR codes are another way to receive or collect interesting marketing materials or earn rewards.

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Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.
Key benefits

We build an app for iOS and Android with your branding. We take care of technology, development, app submission and new feature releases. All this in just 14 days.



From essential tools that help you acquire customers, to game-changing features that engage and retain customers.

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Your app can be easily customized with dynamic layouts and features. No expensive development, no Appstore update needed!

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Top Quality

Fast and powerful iOS & Android native mobile app experience.

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Our apps are being used by hundreds of companies around the world everyday. They are proven in the real business scenarios and are constantly tested to ensure exceptional customer experience.

Explore Heatmaps, Track Conversion & Customer Behaviour

Analyze key metrics to know the preferences of your visitors, adjust exposition to provide them with exciting and personalised offers.

Heatmap Analysis

Understand customer flow patterns, discover hot-spots and predict customer behaviour.

Conversion Tracking

Measure conversion, visits, most frequent locations, time per visit or even number of button clicks.

Customer Behaviour

Optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy, how they move and see the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Arrow Analytics Dashboard

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Collect Feedback With Surveys

Examine how well you're doing or how people like your event.

Stars Rating

Stars Rating

Get an accurate rating on a scale form 1 to 5 stars. A star rating is suitable for general rating questions.


Smiley Rating

Measure the likeability of a product or service. Determine how someone feels about your product or service.


Yes/No Question

Effective for splitting customers into groups for later analysis.


Single Choice Question

Customer is asked to pick only one answer from a pre-determined set of responses of at least two or more options.

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Features for Exhibitors

There are different type of event participants, each has different needs and expectations for an amazing event experience.

Event Push

Push Notifications

Send instant push notification campaigns to every attendee with a special offer or announcement regardless of their location.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts

Make your event fun, competitive and engaging. Engage your visitors and influence their behaviour through fun, friendly challenges that reward activities and actions. Engage visitors in scavenger hunt to collect points or stamps and earn rewards.

Splash Screen

Custom Branding

Prepare a custom branded app with colors and logos of sponsors and splash screen that includes logos with links to sponsor websites. It's a great way to greet your customers and explain the benefits of proximity campaigns.

Customer Data

Collect Leads

Gain comprehensive knowledge about each attendee who visited exhibitor stand, get to know their age, gender, interests etc. to retarget them later.


Measure Impact And Monitor Attendees’ Activity

Make your business predictable and attractive to your visitors. Learn about the most common walking paths, most popular visited places with advanced live analytics. This gives you the remarkable ability to make adjustments and expand your event planning knowledge.

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Event App For Every Event Type

What's your game? Our event app has solutions for various event types.

  • Trade Shows

    At Trade Shows number of exhibitors demonstrate their latest products. A professional presentation is crucial but the amount of information is often difficult to keep up with. Attendees often miss out on many activities without a well prepared plan. Event App keeps attendees updated in real time and helps plan their event experience. This results in more leads for exhibitors and helps them increase profits from your event.

  • Conferences

    Conferences are popular and important business events. Event App helps visitors stay always up to date with event schedule and personalise their experience with engaging information about speakers, their presentations and special offers.

  • Product Launches

    Product Launches are critical for the successful market introduction of some products. An engaging product presentation delivered to visitors mobile phone increases chance of your success.

  • Seminars

    Who says learning ends outside the classroom? Seminars present information to diverse audiences and are less formal than academic lectures but require a lot of work. Help people during seminars with always up to date information, indoor location maps and special learning materials delivered to their mobile app.

  • Networking Events

    Networking Events are personal marketing galas. Such events are great opportunities for contact establishment and personal marketing. Event App makes it easier to connect with people around you.

Loyal Cusomers

Retarget Visitors After They Walk Away
with Facebook Pixel & Google Ads

Event experience doesn’t always end when event is over. Personalize post event marketing. Whether you want to stimulate return visit or increase loyalty through attendee engagement. We make it easy to tailor your campaign based on behavior during event.

Retargeting How-to

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